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Lang Lang Piano Method Series Mall Music

Lang Lang is likely the worlds most famous classical pianist, but his passion for classical music is not one confined to centre stage. Not forgetting where his excitement for classical music first began, he is determined to bring music to the lives of children around the world. Though his talent and charisma, a phenomenon coined “the Lang Lang effect”, he has inspired millions to take up piano lessons. Now, with his new five book series “The Lang Lang Piano Method”, you can bring the master into your very own home!

The Lang Lang Piano method is aimed at children aged 5-10 years. A glistening eyed cartoon Lang Lang brings the books to life, providing a unique and imaginative way for complete beginners to learn the piano. A lot of effort has been made to make this a truly engaging series for the child musician through the use of colourful and engaging illustrations and themes that complement the notation.

The books develop the right and left hands equally, enabling children to play concert pieces early on in the learning process and establishing good dexterity. Musicianship is developed through theory pages and listening to Lang Lang playing piano classics for children.

“I have loved making my new series for complete beginners and presenting a way of learning the piano that 21st century children can relate to. I hope including the cartoon character helps kids to have fun and engage with the lessons.” Lang Lang

The Lang Lang Piano Method embraces the technology available to a young generation. The books are accompanied by online audio tracks, including exclusive performances by Lang Lang of the “concert pieces”, as well as teacher accompaniments for the early pieces and pupil certificates for completing each level. He’s even launched an App dubbed the Best New App for Learning Music.

This fantastic new series published by Faber Music is available at both our Warringah Mall and Macquarie Centre store. Shop the series online HERE.


Behind the Scenes >> Maton Guitars

If you’ve visited Mall Music you’ll know we’re HUGE fans of Maton Guitars. In fact, we think they make the best acoustic guitar in the world!

This year Maton celebrates their 70th Anniversary. Once a small backyard workshop on the outskirts of Melbourne, Maton Guitars has grown into a truly inspiring Australia success story, one we are proud to be a part of. Join us as we get an exclusive behind the scenes peak at how these guitars are created from start to finish by their talented craftsman.

Upon entering the factory floor we are immediately confronted with pallets of raw timber stacked from floor to ceiling. There is a range of both traditional and newly discovered tonewoods being prepped for production. The most prized of these is the Victorian Blackwood, renowned for its stunning appearance and warm, full tone. We learn that each Blackwood is hand selected by a guy who sounds like a bit of a tree whisper. He roams the Otway ranges looking for that perfect tree, then after Parks and Wildlife has signed off the tree in question, it is cut into manageable blocks and carried out of the rainforest by foot. It’s an eco-friendly process, one Maton are proud to support.

Maton Tonewoods

Before production can begin, the excess moisture has to be extracted. The timber is stacked and placed into humidity ovens to sweat out this excess moisture, a process that can take up to 6 weeks. The humidity of the entire factory is controlled to give the guitars the best chance of surviving in both humid and dry environments.



Scattered throughout the workshop are huge industrial Computer Number Cutting (CNC) machines. These machines have really revolutionised the guitar making process. When you see these machines in action it’s hard to imagine the craftsman who would have once crafted each fingerboard by hand. The CNC’s allow each piece to be cut to the highest standard in just minutes. Once complete they are then finished and assembled by hand.  In addition to increasing efficiency they also drastically reduce the amount of waste created during production, improving the sustainability of the production process.


DSC03780 DSC03775

Once we move past the CNC’s, the hands-on nature of production is revealed. Each craftsman seems to have his or her own specialised workshop just metres away from the next.



As we meander through this workshop area, each intricate stage of production is revealed. Taking such a ridged raw material and moulding it to create the curved shape of a guitar is a fine art. We watch as straight timbers are carefully inserted into heated moulds then clamped into position to create the desired shape. Steps like this cannot be rushed, it’s a meticulous process that requires the utmost care.

When we talk about Maton’s in store we’ll reference the dove-tail join that connects the guitar neck to the body. This join maximises tonality through peak energy transferences. This join actually strengthens with time, resulting in a sound that will richen as the guitar ages.




When you think of a guitar, it’s easy to forget that it was once part of a beautiful tree in a forest. At Maton, the transformation of raw timber to a beautifully toned musical instrument is truly majestic. You won’t find anyone where who isn’t passionate about the instruments they are creating. 




As we move to the last section of the workshop there are racks of glistening Maton’s fresh out of production. Those who get to walk the factory floor have a heightened appreciation for the quality and detail that is encapsulated in the final product. Not everyone gets this opportunity, but everyone can experience the joys of a Maton Guitar by visiting your local Mall Music store. Endorsed by artists Tommy Emmanuel,  Josh Homme, Neil Finn, Paul KellyDiesel, Vance Joy and John Butler to name a few… You’ll be in good company that’s for sure!

Clarinet Care & Maintenance

The clarinet is a very delicate instrument. It’s keys are made from soft metal and can bend easily if handled incorrectly. Should this happen, the airtight seal between the pads and the holes will be broken and the clarinet will either play poorly or not at all.

At Mall Music we see the result of improper assembly and disassembly when these instruments come in for repair. It’s saddening to see many issues that could have been avoided with proper care. We recommend you learn how to assemble and care for your instrument correctly by watching our instructional video below. You’ll extend the life and quite possibly reduce the costs of avoidable repairs!

Here are the things you will need:

Interested in learning to play the clarinet? Why not check out our list of local woodwind music teachers!